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June 6, 2024

Sustainability in Every Sip

Sustainability in Every Sip

Sustainability in Every Sip

Sustainability has been at the heart of Vina Robles since its inception in 1993, shaping every aspect of our vineyard. Our founder Hans Nef, known for his love of trees, named our winery Vina Robles—the Spanish term for "vineyard of the oaks." This passion can be felt throughout our vineyards through the meticulous sustainability practices we follow today. From conscientious growing to eco-friendly initiatives, every aspect of our operations reflects a commitment to preserving and honoring the natural environment that inspired our inception.

Since 2012, all of our vineyards have proudly held certification from Sustainability in Practice (SIP), a testament to our commitment to addressing the three pillars of sustainability: People, Planet, and Prosperity. Our thoughtfully designed state-of-the-art winery roof not only captures rainwater, conserving over 1 million gallons annually, but also includes on-site solar fields that offset 100 percent of the energy demands for the winery, vineyard headquarters, and adjoining vineyards. As we continue to grow and work with our region, we persistently explore innovative avenues to integrate sustainability into the everyday operations of our vineyard.

In celebration of this commitment, Vina Robles crafted the Arborist, a delightful red blend that not only pleases the palate but also supports the planting of trees through our partnership with One Tree Planted and the Arbor Day Foundation. This unique collaboration has contributed to the planting of 33,000 trees nationwide.

For us at Vina Robles, making a positive impact is not just a motto; it's a way of life. Our partnership with One Tree Planted and the Arbor Day Foundation aligns seamlessly with the winery's deep-rooted passion for vines, sustainable viticulture, and a love of trees. One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization founded in 2014, has been doubling its tree-planting efforts every year, providing a simple yet impactful way for everyone to contribute to environmental conservation. This initiative provides a compelling and straightforward avenue for individuals to play a part in the collective effort toward sustainability.

In embracing these collaborations, Vina Robles not only commits to sustainable viticulture but also invites everyone to join in the journey towards a more environmentally conscious future—one where each person can contribute to positive change. The Arborist wine serves as a delicious reminder that sustainability is not merely a goal for the winery; it's a shared endeavor that each sip can support, making a difference in the world, one glass at a time!

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